Our Story

5 - Our Story

Who is Sammie?

That’s our nickname for a good sandwich, and our sandwiches are sweet. Get it? Sweet Sammies started as an idea in the winter of 2012, tested on family and friends out of a small downtown apartment kitchen. The company was incorporated in January 2013, and we got out the door with catering, pop-ups and farmers’ markets in the spring of that year. In 2015, we opened our retail store called the Scoop Shop. From the beginning, our vision has been to combine ice cream and pastry in delicious and unexpected ways. We’ve always made our ice creams and cookies (and brownies, french macarons, cakes, sauces, etc.) from scratch, striving to bring you the best we have to offer.

What is the Scoop Shop?

Scoop Shop is our retail outlet, where you will find a rotating selection of 10 – 12 ice cream flavours ready to be scooped into waffle cones, ice cream sammies, sundaes, shakes and more. It’s also where all our production takes place for catering, events and home delivery.

Who makes your ice cream?

We make all our ice creams and baked goods from scratch in small batches, starting with fresh local ingredients such as Stirling butter, Hewitt’s milk, Burnbrae Farm eggs, and seasonal fruits. There are no artificial flavours or colours in our ice creams. Our ice cream bases are made in small batches, pasteurized, aged and then churned slowly to yield a rich, dense and flavourful product.

Where can I buy your products?

Our Scoop Shop is located at 808 Dundas Street W. Toronto. We cater events and deliver across the GTA. And in the summertime, you’ll find us at local farmers’ markets.

Do you wholesale your products?

We currently wholesale only our non-dairy frozen desserts (vegan ice creams and ice pops). If you are interested in wholesaling, please send us an email at [email protected] with your restaurant/café name and address, and the product(s) you’re interested in.